Spiritual Care

Jesus said that His house, the temple, was a place of prayer for all people. At Loma Linda University Medical Center, we encourage every physician to bring the best of their faith tradition to patient care. Qualities such as kindness, gentleness, longsuffering, love, meekness, faith are taught by all major religions and are consistent with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Because the prayer experience of our physicians is very important to us, Loma Linda University houses three chapels: two overtly Christian chapels and an additional prayer room that can be used for those of either Christian or non-Christian faith traditions. We invite our physicians to work in tandem with our chaplains to discuss their spiritual lives and work collaboratively to deliver quality care.

Whether you call the Almighty by the name of Jesus, Messiah, Jehovah, G-d, Allah, or a Higher Power, we invite you to practice a robust life of prayer that will frame your interactions with our patients and enrich your own spiritual life.