Patient Safety & Quality Improvement


Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PS/QI)

An understanding of key concepts and methods in the field of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQI) is core knowledge for any practicing physician.  However, individual residency programs vary in their capacity to incorporate PSQI into their curriculum.  The Graduate Medical Education office at Loma Linda University Medical Center has developed two curricula to assist residency programs in teaching PSQI.

The Introduction to PSQI describes the core competencies required by the ACGME in PSQI.  These core competencies are translated into learning objectives and online resources available to acquire basic knowledge and skills in PSQI.  In addition, instructions and templates are provided to assist learners in conducting a Practice Based Learning and Improvement Project using QI methods.  Residency programs may use the Introduction to PSQI as: 1) A self-directed curriculum for residents to complete independently; and/or 2) A guide for their own curriculum required of their residents.

While the Introduction to PSQI is meant to meet the learning needs of all physicians, the Advanced Practice of PSQI targets only those physicians who want to develop advanced leadership skills in PSQI.  This curriculum combines online resources and independent learning exercises with quarterly in-person workshops.  In addition, over the course of a year participants will develop and complete an interdisciplinary Systems Based Practice Improvement Project.

Faculty interested in learning more about PSQI are encouraged to make use of both the Introduction to PSQI and Advanced Practice of PSQI.