Emotional Health and Peer Support Resources


If you have ever wondered if you are experiencing burnout, depression, or having anxiety issues, you might want to go through this self-monitoring inventory. Called “15 Minutes 4 Me,” and developed by a Belgian psychologist, this tool is a way to track how you are doing and through reflection, reduce burnout effects. Individuals who have used this program for several weeks have had a 77% reduction in burnout. It is worth looking at. Go here to see the inventory.


Have you ever wondered if you might have a problem with alcohol? Physicians are at high risk for burnout and might use alcohol as an attempt to feel better. Read more…


Substance Abuse

This video from Stanford University can be helpful in understanding impairment due to substance abuse.


Disruptive Physician Behavior.

Do you know anyone who demonstrates bad behavior with staff or colleagues? This kind of behavior can signal stressful personal life, low self-esteem, low frustration tolerance, poor sleep, and other underlying mental health concerns. You might wish to look at this video to see what to do if you know someone who shows these difficult behaviors.

Stress and Depression

Many residents experience high levels of stress and at least 50% have symptoms of burnout. This educational video outlines symptoms of depression and explains how this can move toward suicide. You can view the video here.


According to the Physician Work Life Study by Linzer (RSNA, 2011), approximately 1 in 3 physicians meet the criteria for burnout and women are 60 times more likely to experience burnout than men. Read more…

Debtors Anonymous

This Boston-based online self-help group is for individuals challenged by heavy debt loads, or compulsive debt incurring behaviors. Debtors Anonymous utilizes a 12-step approach to recovery.

Eating Problems

A number of mental health and emotional issues affect one’s ability to eat normally. Overeaters Anonymous is a support organization for those who overeat, or who eat compulsively. Read more…


Empathy (Em-puh-thee): Intellectual identification with, or vicarious experience of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. Read more…


Gamblers Anonymous. Have you ever wondered what the attraction is to gambling? Do you think you might have an issue with gambling? Read more…

Sexual Addiction and Boundaries

Have you ever wondered if you might have trouble with sexual addiction or boundaries? Read more…


We are all shocked when we learn that someone has taken their own life. Many thoughts go through our minds: Should we have seen more clues that they were suicidal? Could we have helped them? Did anything we say or do add to the emotional burden(s) that eventually lead to their death? Read more…

If you, or someone you know is feeling suicidal, be sure to reach out to a clergy member, therapist, employee assistance program, or family member for help.

More Resources:

Counseling California provides a number of short videos on topics pertaining to emotional health. The information on these videos can be helpful for yourself, friends, or patients.