The Gateway to Your Own Health and Vitality

Managing the momentous issues of life and death each day, the stress of residency and work all make tremendous demands on your time, expertise and resources.

This site is devoted to supporting you, as a physician, in every aspect of your life. Here you will find:

  • a wealth of resources to help with the organizational and administrative aspects of your role in medicine
  • a chance to connect with other physicians in the confidence and safety of our virtual physician lounge
  • resources to promote your own wholeness and enhance your mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual health so you can better care for your patients. So whether you’re facing a professional crisis, wanting to bring more balance to your work and family, interacting with challenging patients or families that diminish your emotional reserve or experiencing burnout, visit the Physician Vitality page to find resources to help support your own health and wholeness.