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Graduate Medical Education Office
11234 Anderson St. Westerly #C
Loma Linda, CA 92354

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Mon-Thurs: 7:30 AM-5:00 PM
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Phone: (909) 558-6131 (ext. 66131)
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Meet the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Team

Daniel Giang, MD

Vice President for Graduate Medical Education  |  Professor of Neurology, School of Medicine

Daniel Giang, M.D. is the Vice President for GME and Designated Institutional Official (DIO) who has the responsibility for the oversight and administration of Loma Linda’s ACGME-accredited residency programs. As DIO, Dr. Giang serves as the Chair of the GME Committee and is responsible for assuring compliance with ACGME Institutional Requirements. With board certifications in Neurology, Dr. Giang is a graduate of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of Rochester in New York. Dr. Giang brings years of experience and expertise to his role as VP for GME.

(left to right): Lynne Wendtland, Gloria Mrad, Teresa Meinken, Martie Parsley, Amy Yin and Marilyn HoughtonGME Office

To help residents succeed, the Loma Linda House Staff Office was created in the 1970’s. In 2009, we became the GME Office. This change in title reflects our dedication to program quality, but does not diminish our commitment to our resident physicians as individuals.

The operations side of the GME Office handles hiring, payroll, verification of training for student loans, licensure, credentialing, notary, meal tickets, reimbursements, visas and oversight of the on-call facilities and lounges. The education side of the office conducts internal reviews and provides consulting services to program directors on accreditation, curriculum, the core competencies, and evaluation.

Overall, the mission of the GME Office is to be a supportive resource for our resident physicians and program directors and coordinators.

Phone: (909) 558-6131 (ext. 66131)
Fax: (909) 558-0430