Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does an Education Concentration fit into my residency?

    Time and regional restrictions for residents certainly factored in the design of the concentrations.  Though all have specific academic requirements, there will be only one hour of new content a month, offered through several multimedia venues for convenience.  There are also 3-4 required in-person sessions throughout the year, which are designed by the individual Physician Directors and faculty.  Physician Directors may provide additional readings and exercises for educational integrity.

  • How do I benefit by Education Concentrations being “ACGME Competency-based”?

    Upon successful completion of any Education Concentration, you will fulfill the ACGME requirement of teaching and assessment of that concentration’s represented competencies.  Concentrations are also designed around ACGME educational goals and objectives.  This work can be added to your residency education portfolio.

  • Do I get a certificate?

    Yes.  Each Education Concentration can also lead to more advanced study, with several offering credit and/or certificate.

  • Can I complete more than one concentration?

    Yes.  However, policy is you can only participate in one Education Concentration at a time.  Your Program Director has to approve your participation in each chosen concentration, including a waiver of the on-at-a-time policy.

  • How do I get started?

    First, visit us at to review introductory videos by the Physician Director for individual concentrations.  After reviewing you can request additional information from the Physician Director or wait until the next registration date is posted.  Registration will typcally occur before the start of every academic year (July-June).  Links are provided to do either.  Your Program Director and Coordinator will be advised of the dates for open online registration and the dates will also be announced on New Innovations and in the Physician Pipeline.  Your Program Director will receive your name for final approval for participation and you will receive notification of your acceptance from the Physician Director.  You are welcome to discuss your participation with your Program Director before registration.

  • When do the Educations Concentrations begin?

    The Physician Director chooses the state date of his/her concentration.  After approval from your Program Director, you will receive information from the Physician Director of the concentration of choice, including details of that Education Concentration.